Removing Anxiety and Drama from the Workplace: The No Freak-Out Policy

by | May 1, 2024 | Blog, Resources

Removing Anxiety and Drama from the Workplace: The No Freak-Out Policy

Drama, anxiety, tension and theatrics are what keep our attention in movies and shows.  We love a good drama scene watching people freak-out, going off on someone or just plain struggle to cope with life (the way we entertain ourselves is questionable sometimes, isn’t it?). 

When it comes to the office or workplace however, freaking-out might be entertaining, but it is the biggest way to lose credibility as a leader, and to create side-ways energy with your team and organization.  Leaders that lead from a place of drama or allow drama from employees are allowing a few to high-jack productivity and focus. Left unchecked, allowing a spirit of high anxiety and drama can affect business culture, promote confusion and create internal politics.  All of these will directly affect the organizations bottom line or effectiveness.

The No Freak-Out Policy:

  1. Build Trust: A leader’s calm presence (especially in high stress seasons like end-of-month/year) serves as a stabilizing force to the organization and instills confidence and trust among team members. This adds a sense of predictability even in turbulent times.  Teams that have built vulnerability-based trust, navigate stressful seasons with ease, because they know and trust each other.
  2. EQ: Applying a No Freak-Out Policy requires and encourages the continual growth of emotional intelligence, empowering leaders to recognize, understand, and manage their own emotions and those of others effectively.
  3. Speed of the Leader, Speed of the Team: Leaders who exhibit calmness during high tension seasons, set the tone for the entire organization, inspiring others to approach challenges with resilience, curiosity and grace.
  4. Communicate Clarity: The No Freak-Out Policy requires leaders to over-communicate in clear and transparent ways.  Communicating the “Why” the passion, reminding the team and bringing the corporate focus back to the main thing reduces uncertainty and anxiety among team members and keeps everyone on the team rowing in the right direction with purpose.
  5. Fail Forward: The No Freak-Out Policy allows leaders to encourage resilience and adaptability among team members, empowering them to bounce back from setbacks and embrace change as an opportunity for growth and innovation.

We might enjoy a good throw-down every once in a while on Netflix, but if we’re honest, none of us enjoy drama and tension in the workplace.  It’s up to the leader to set the tone, to build and protect culture and to get results.  Doing that is so much more enjoyable in a No Freak-Out environment.  More to come on how to lead without freaking-out.

Leadership isn’t about succumbing to panic, it’s about remaining the calm presence and keeping the main thing, the main thing.

Freak-out Leadership is harmful:

  • Fosters chaotic environments
  • Hampers clear decision-making
  • Diminishes team morale and vulnerability-based trust

No Freak-Out Leadership is :

  • Calmness under pressure
  • Strategic problem-solving
  • Empowering your team
  • Active listening

When we cultivate a non-anxious culture, we have teams that lean in. We build teams with minimal politics and confusion, with high morale, low turn-over and high productivity. How often do you find yourself leading in unhealthy ways? What is a simple step you can take today to begin to appeal a No Freak-Out Policy? 

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