Cindy is a gifted, visionary leader and a passionate speaker, who truly believes that every organization and team can be more effective and make a greater impact when they are healthy.  Her heart is to serve leaders and help teams WIN.  No matter what size your team is you can realize a greater impact through team engagement, clear direction and defined next steps.

Cindy is a seasoned professional serving for the last two decades as a Pastor in various roles.  She loves to inspire people through her passion for leadership in practical, everyday applications. 

Cindy is affiliated with the Table Group, bringing all of the tools they offer alongside her extensive strategic leadership experience to help your team get the clarity and forward direction you’re seeking for your team or organization.

Cindy and her husband, John, live in northern Colorado.  They have a beautiful family of three grown kids and six grandchildren that they love to spend as much time as possible with.  Cindy loves a good challenge, coffee and food shared with friends, hearing people laugh, and running.

Why We Exist:  A firm dedicated to impacting the world of work so people thrive.

What We Do: Consulting and Coaching

  • Team Cohesiveness: Helping teams understand the dynamics of a healthy team by eliminating the Five Dysfunctions that can derail any team from achieving their goals.  
  • Working Genius and TeamSight expert to help your team grow in trust and productivity.
  • Functional Clarity:  We help organizations create clear standards that will give them a competitive advantage and maximize their success. Practical. Relevant. Fast.
  • Leadership Coaching: Coaching to enhance your leadership abilities to make the greatest impact in your role.