Cohesive Teams. Clarity. Coaching.

A Collective Approach to helping leaders make their organizations healthy and more productive.

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Welcome to Collective Co

A company dedicated to consulting and coaching organizations and leaders to make their greatest impact.

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  • Create clarity and alignment through a simple collective process
  • Quick impact and transformation in weeks and months
  • Develop a playbook to eliminate guesswork and do what’s most important
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  • Team Assessments through TeamSight
  • Overcome team dysfunction
  • Develop a culture of trust, honesty and “Team One”
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  • Healthy leadership principles to lead smarter, not harder
  • Lead great meetings

Meet Cindy Fiala

Cindy believes that teams and organizations can be healthy, highly effective, fun, and energizing places to work. Whether you lead a small business, lead from the C Suite, are the head of HR, a church, or ministry team, your team has the potential to transform the way you impact the culture, community, and people you serve. Collective Co is the result of almost two decades of leading and learning in fast-growing organizations that are reaching 10’s of 1000’s of people on a weekly basis.

“I’ve never felt more confident and purposeful in my leadership, because of the work we did with Cindy. Time and money well spent!”

Clayton, Lead Pastor