Every Leaders Biggest Frustration

by | Jun 20, 2024 | Uncategorized

Every leader I know is frustrated and confused by disengaged employees and a lack of
passion for their job. Why do employees seem more and more disengaged and
detached then ever before?

The answer lies with the leader.

Great leaders create clarity around culture, mission and strategy.
Great leaders are relentless in their pursuit to learn and are the first to lead by example.
Great leaders don’t assume everyone knows and understands what they do.
Great leader over-communicate the organizational “why” or clarity.
Great leaders reinforce the organizational clarity through human systems.
Great leaders lead, they don’t acquiesce their leadership to anyone else or assume.
Great leaders do what only they can do.
Great leaders push authority down so everyone in the organization learns to lead.
Great leaders make communicate the significance of everyone in the organization.
Great leaders make it a point to know their team on a human level.
Great leaders help employees measure their WINS.

As they say, “at the end of the day” everything rises and falls on leadership.

Learn more
Lead more
Communicate time-over-time
Lead with why
Get curious